Kenan Harkin is a recovering Television Host and narcissist who is loving the fact that more kids know him for his reptile adventures than his BMX days or the 360 flip he pioneered. When he’s not rescuing animals or jumping Gators he can be found running around yelling at Tom, telling him to either have fun or stop being scared of the Water Monitor Lizard.

Tom Coppola is a reformed Television Producer who is learning to have fun on every shoot with Kenan and not get too stressed out. When he’s not winning Emmy awards or Best Documentary Awards he can be found running around the Kamp or more to the point running away from scary Water Monitor Lizards.

WHO WE ARE . . .

Kamp Kenan is a reptile breeding and conservation haven in Southern Florida, owned and operated by former pro BMX rider and action sports announcer Kenan Harkin. The sanctuary protects more than 500 exotic and endangered reptiles with a mission focused on educating children about the value of these creatures, and the challenges they face in the modern world.

Action Sports, BMX tricks and a home that has been transformed into a working sanctuary for reptiles are not exactly a typical life-path, but for Kenan it’s the only life he has ever known. When Kenan is not traveling the world for live televised sporting events, he can be found waist deep in swamps, forests and his own backyard working with the animals he loves. A lifetime worth of expertise in animal husbandry and creating assurance colonies has made Kamp Kenan a go-to facility for the Turtle Survival Alliance and earned Harkin recognition as the 2013 Reader’s Choice Chelonian Breeder of the Year (The Reptile Report).

At Kamp Kenan, we believe there is a scientist in all of us and that education is the key to promoting a passion for discovery and understanding of the world around us.

Contact Us . . .

If you have a business inquiry, email us at

If you are interested in purchasing a Tortoise check the Kamp Kenan Facebook page for an updated pricelist and availability.

If however, you have a question related to animal health or advice please do not contact us. We are unable to respond to questions of this nature due to the overwhelming volume we receive and the fact that it is not possible to properly diagnosis via email. If your critter has a problem, find a qualified veterinarian asap and get them the help they need.